Friday, December 30, 2011

Brandon Hicks, Please

The Braves are apparently interested in Ryan Theriot for some reason. Therefore, I'll waste my time and yours with a Theriot post.

Theriot was owed $3.3 million in 2012, so the Cardinals cut bait earlier this month by non-tendering him in a no-brainer move. With Tyler Greene in the picture, they don't seem to have a need to bring him back, either. So he's currently on the market looking for a major league deal at something around $1 million, I would guess.

Theriot is basically a replacement level utility infielder with the ability to play shortstop. If you believe in defensive metrics, he rates below average across the board for his career at shortstop while slightly above average at second base. Shortstop is the one that matters, though, as Frank Wren has already stated he wants a bench player who can play short. Based on memory, I know his defense at the position leaves much to be desired.

So considering Theriot is replacement level, surely the Braves have someone to fill the role for less than $1 million. Oh yeah, Brandon Hicks.

Hicks walks, showed pop in the minors, and most importantly, he can play shortstop well. He has always been known to have a good glove across the infield; he has the range for up the middle and the arm for third base. He also makes the minimum.

Nearing 26 years old, I'd say it's time to give Hicks a role that's a little more important than designated pinch runner. The Braves have no need to throw $1 million at Theriot when they have a better player already in the system who is younger and cheaper.

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  1. Totally agree, Hicks can play and fill out the roster!